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Exco Engineering Mexico is a full service high pressure die casting tool builder. Our primary business is the manufacture, maintenance (preventive and corrective) and re-build of large die casting tools, typically 1,600 – 4,000 tons.

About Exco Engineering Mexico

Located less than 3 hours north of Mexico City, Exco Engineering Mexico is part of publicly traded Exco Technologies (TSX:XTC) and a member of the Large Mould Business group operating in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Exco Engineering Mexico operates out of a 1,800m2 (20,000ft2) facility equipped with modern machine tools, leading operational processes, and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software. We build, re-build and manufacture inserts and components for an array of large tools including I3, I4, and V6 engine blocks, FWD, RWD, and CVT transmission cases, steering columns, transfer cases and front covers, and more.

Our facility has 50 ton crane capacity, 2m travel floor-type boring mill, 2 large spotting presses, and an array of modern vertical, horizontal, and EDM machines. We perform laser and conventional metrology/ inspection and offer full service MIG and TIG welding and repair using pre-heat furnaces and heated tables.

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  • Excoeng Mexico S de RL de CV
  • Av. Industria de la
    Transformación #652
  • Parque Industrial Queretaro
  • Santa Rosa Jáuregui
  • Queretaro, Qro. Mexico CP 76220

Tel: +011 52 442 240 9417

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